New names in Stace 3

Species Accounts

See our new species accounts 

BSBI List 2007

LIST2007 (Excel format) 

Taxon designations

The latest official list of conservation statuses for all UK plants...

Vice county census catalogue

Visit the Vice County Census Catalogue web database to find out which species is recorded in each county.

County Floras

NEW* A list of county Floras compiled by David Pearman.

Making specimens

Guidelines for collecting and preparing herbarium specimens, originally produced by Arthur Chater for the New Atlas project, are available for downloading here

Using a GPS

NEW* This helpful note offers Guidance on buying and using a GPS, by Jim McIntosh, BSBI's Senior Country Officer. 

Distribution Database (DDb) Help

A video by Quentin Groom on producing a custom map

Guidelines for data management on the Database (DDb)

Guidance from Andy Amphlett on using the DDb.

Mapmate Help

The BSBI has just updated the BSBI MapMate website with the BSBI MapMate Handbook by Martin Rand. It includes several additional training videos on creating species richness maps and a page of custom queries which will be useful for Atlas 2020 planning. The development of both website and handbook has been kindly supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Visit the BSBI Mapmate Support web site. 

Data entry guidance

We have just published new draft BSBI Guidance on Data Entry and would welcome your comments. It has also been posted on the BSBI Database Message Board under ‘News’, where it is easy to post comments

Please email Bob Ellis if you have any questions or suggestions (members only please - anyone else should visit the Mapmate web site for support).

Mapmate Importing Sheets

The following spreadsheets (.xlsx format) were created by Andy Amphlett to assist in importing data to Mapmate:

Recording Cards

We have recording cards customised for all counties in Britain and Ireland, and a coversheet if you want to print them out double-sided.

NEW* You can now access all the cards on our new Recording Cards page here

Recording Strategy

This covers subjects such as what size of recording unit to use and when the next Atlas will be produced.

The Taxonomy Database

The BSBI’s Taxonomy Database contains a lot of information on synonyms, chromosome numbers and details of much literature relating to British plants.

Go to the ‘Leicester’ Database 

Other handy things