Lancashire, v.c.c. 59 & 60

The county recorder for both the Lancashire vice counties is David Earl.

*NEW* Click on the links to download lists of Rare and Scarce Plants in VC59 and VC60.

*NEW* A Facebook group called Lancashire and Merseyside Botany has just been set up with the aim of "sharing all things botanical" in vice-counties 59 & 60. Click here to view the page.

There's also Lancashire Botany Group, coordinated by John Ball

And Liverpool Botanical Society

The Flora of North Lancashire by Eric Greenwood was published in 2012 by Carnegie Publishing Ltd of Lancaster (ISBN 978-1-874181-89-7). It covers Lancashire north of the R. Ribble and includes the whole of v.c. 60 and part of v.c. 64. It can be obtained from the publisher and bookshops.