Local Botany

The list below shows BSBI’s network of local botany groups and County Recorders - click on the links to make contact. If you are new to BSBI - for example, if you've come to us via the National Plant Monitoring Scheme, #wildflowerhour or the New Year Plant Hunt - do mention that to the County Recorder or Local Group Administrator so they know how best to help you. 

Local groups

Clicking on the county takes you to the local group page (you can also use the interactive map on our homepage). Here you can find out about botanical activity in your area and access any local resources. 

A growing number of local groups also have their own social media pages and blogs where they share photographs, discuss plant IDs, plan events and chat about interesting plants found in the county.

You can access botanical/wildlife blogs by BSBI members via our News & Views page. Please let us know if you would like to add your blog to the list (BSBI members only). 

County Recorders

If you're not a BSBI member but would like to email your County Recorder, perhaps to submit plant records, just right-click on the link in the list below to contact them using Outlook 2013. Or contact your Country Officer: details on the country webpages (follow links on right of this page). Or email our Enquiry Desk if you are unsure who to speak to. If you wish to contact all County Recorders with a request, please email our Head of Science to discuss.

If you're a BSBI member, you can also find full postal/ email addresses for all County Recorders in the BSBI Yearbook, which is sent to you when you join and is also available on our members-only area.

Country Pages


Isle of Man

Channel Isles



  • H1 South Kerry, Dr E.C. Mac Daeid & Mr R. Hodd
  • H2 North Kerry: Dr E.C. Mac Daeid & Mr R. Hodd
  • H3 West Cork: Clare Heardman
  • H4 Mid Cork: John Wallace
  • H5 East Cork: Edwina Cole & Finbarr Wallace
  • H6 Co. WaterfordMr P.R. Green
  • H7 South Tipperary: Miss R. Fitzgerald
  • H8 Co. Limerick: Mrs S. Reynolds
  • H9 Co. Clare: Dr S.L. Parr & Dr S.D. Ward
  • H10 North Tipperary: Dr D.W. Nash
  • H11 Co. Kilkenny: Mr R.N. Goodwillie
  • H12 Co. WexfordMr P.R. Green & Paula O’Meara
  • H13 Co. Carlow: Ms L. Dowling
  • H14 Co. Laois: Mark McCorry & Fiona McGowan
  • H15 SE Galway: Dr M.S. Skeffington
  • H16 West Galway: Dr J. Conaghan
  • H17 NE Galway: Dr C.J. Peppiatt
  • H18 Offaly: Mrs F.D. Devery
  • H19 Co. Kildare: Dr D.A. Doogue
  • H20 Co. Wicklow: Miss C. Brady, Miss P. Hodson & Ms M. Molloy
  • H21 Co. Dublin: Dr D.W. Nash
  • H22 Meath: Miss M.P. Norton
  • H23 Westmeath: Mr C. Breen
  • H24 Co. Longford: vacant
  • H25 Co. Roscommon: Mr J.J. Earley
  • H26 & H27 Mayo: Mr G. Sharkey
  • H28 Co. Sligo: Dr D.C.F. Cotton
  • H29 Co. Leitrim: Mr M.D. Archer
  • H30 Co. Cavan: Robert Northridge
  • H31 Co. Louth: Ms M.D. Lyons
  • H32 Co. Monaghan: Alexis FitzGerald
  • H33 Fermanagh: Dr R.S. Forbes & Mr R.H. Northridge
  • H34 East Donegal: Oisin Duffy & Mairead Crawford
  • H35 West Donegal: Mr R. Sheppard
  • H36 Tyrone: Mr W.I. McNeill
  • H37 Co. Armagh: Dr J.S. Faulkner
  • H38 Co. Down: Dr G.V. Day
  • H39 Co. Antrim: Mr D.W. McNeill
  • H40 Co. Londonderry: Mr D.H. Riley