Derbyshire, v.c. 57

Derbyshire Flora Group

The group was set up in 1996 to help collect and coordinate local recording for the second national atlas of plant distribution. It was then decided to use the data being collected as the start of the records needed for a new county Flora. This has taken longer than expected to produce but hopefully we are almost there with it now in 2014. The publication of a Flora is never the end of recording in an area and we are now already well underway with collecting records for date class 5 recording. We produce an annual newsletter and organise a series of local recording meetings. The programme for the outdoor meetings is in the newsletter and any BSBI members are welcome to join us.

Contact details are: Dr Alan Willmot, 2 Kedleston Close, Derby, DE22 2RA (Tel: 01332 550373)

E-mail: Alan Willmot 

The Flora of Derbyshire

The new Flora of Derbyshire, by Nick Moyes and Alan Willmot, is now available for £30 from Summerfield Books.