BSBI publishes a range of botanical books, including:

  • The Hybrid Flora of the British Isles;
  • A Vascular Plant Red List for England; 
  • and our series of BSBI Handbooks for difficult plant groups.

We currently publish three periodicals:

  • our scientific journal New Journal of Botany; 
  • our membership newsletter BSBI News;
  • our monthly eNews for botanical recorders.
  • BSBI Handbooks for difficult plant groups

News about BSBI publications

*NEW* The pre-publication offer for BSBI Handbook No. 17: Violets has now closed and copies are being mailed out. You will still be able to buy the Handbook from Summerfield Books and other natural history booksellers but at the full price of £15. 

BSBI Handbooks on Eyebrights and Lady's-mantles are also in preparation, and we hope to publish the Eyebrights Handbook later this year. We will let you know details of the pre-publication offer for BSBI members on this page and via BSBI News. Scroll down this page to find out more about BSBI Handbooks. 

New Journal of Botany

This is the academic journal of the BSBI, published on our behalf by Taylor & Francis

NJB  Cover 2014NJB Online (for members only). Email us if you need the password.

If you wish to request print copies of the journal, please email us here to enquire about current print subscription rates.

NJB carries peer-reviewed scientific papers on:

  • population and conservation biology
  • ecological genetics
  • autecological, physiological and phenological studies
  • phytogeography, floristics, distribution and recording
  • taxonomy, systematics and evolution
  • plant/animal interactions, including plant biochemistry
  • history of botany
  • general or historical botany. 

Contact Editor-in-Chief Ian Denholm to discuss publishing your research in New Journal of Botany

PoIan in herbmtential authors are invited to submit papers via the New Journal of Botany online submission site. To discuss a proposal before submission, please contact Dr Ian Denholm at the Editorial Office. Book reviews should be submitted by email direct to the Book Reviews editor.

Further details about the Journal, including guidance for authors, may be found here.

The New Journal of Botany was launched in 2011 under the editorship of Dr Richard Gornall and published by Maney Publishing. It replaced the journal Watsonia, but it follows the tradition of Watsonia and should be seen as a continuation and enhancement of our previous journal, not a replacement. In 2016, we welcomed Taylor & Francis as our new publisher and Dr Ian Denholm as our new Editor-in-Chief.

Members of the Editorial Board are listed here.

The full run of Watsonia, from  1949 to 2010, is available on the BSBI’s digital publications archive. The Society is grateful to all the authors, editors and reviewers who have contributed to Watsonia and New Journal of Botany over the years. 

Plant Records

The New Journal of Botany publishes significant plant records from  Britain and Ireland. The Plant Records Editor is Mike Porter.

To submit records, download the form below, change its name to something appropriate (e.g. Borsetshire 2016), add your records in the categories given, and send it back to Mike.

NB: the format is Excel 2007 - if you cannot open it, then email Mike for a different format.

> Plant Records Form 2013 

Books from the BSBI

Our agent for sales of BSBI Handbooks, Conference Reports and other botanical books is Paul O’Hara of Summerfield Books. Contact Paul to sign up for Summerfield Books' quarterly newsletter.

BSBI members can get discounts on various publications by logging in to the members’ section of Summerfield Books' web site. Email us if you can't remember your password.

Buy our publications

The Hybrid Flora is available from Summerfield Books. *NEW* The three co-authors of the Hybrid Flora have been awarded the Engler Silver Medal in recognition of their outstanding achievement. More here.  

The England Red List is available to buy from Summerfield Books and is also available as a free download here

BSBI Handbooks

The following BSBI Handbooks have been published (visit Summerfield Books for sales):

  1. Sedges. 2007. Jermy, Simpson, Foley & Porter.
  2. Umbellifers. 1980. T.G. Tutin. (Out of print).
  3. Docks and Knotweeds. 2014. J.R. Akeroyd.
  4. Willows and Poplars. 1984. R.D. Meikle.
  5. Charophytes. 1986. J.A. Moore.
  6. Crucifers. 1991. T.C.G. Rich.
  7. Roses. 1993. Graham & Primavesi.
  8. Pondweeds. 1995. C.D. Preston.
  9. Dandelions. 1997. Dudman & Richards.
  10. Sea Beans & Nickar Nuts. 2000. E.C. Nelson.
  11. Water Starworts of Europe. 2008. R.V. Lansdown.
  12. Fumitories. 2009. R.J. Murphy.
  13. Grasses. 2009. Cope & Gray.
  14. Whitebeams. 2010. T.C.G. Rich et al.
  15. British Northern Hawkweeds. 2011. Rich & Scott.
  16. Evening-primroses. 2016. R.J. Murphy. 
  17. Violas. 2017. M. Porter & M. Foley.


BSBI News is for short contributions of topical interest. It is there for members who have something interesting or informative that they would like to share with others, and is meant to be the place for the ‘ordinary’ member to express her or his opinions.

BSBI News appears three times a year, in January, April and September. It is mailed to all members and can also be downloaded from our members-only page (password required). Back issues are available to everybody via our Publications Archive

Submission of material

Contributors may wish to download and read through the guidance below before sending material to Trevor James:


This Adverts document gives details for prices and instructions for including flyers and advertisements. 

BSBI Yearbook

We also publish the BSBI Yearbook, available only to members of the society. The Yearbook includes reports of field meetings, obituaries of notable British & Irish botanists and full contact details for all BSBI's County Recorders and expert plant Referees. 

Corrigenda pages

Errors that have been spotted in various publications are listed here, partly so readers can correct their books, and partly to deter people from telling the authors about any mistakes that they already know about. The following publications are covered so far:

  • Plant Crib
  • Atlas of British & Irish Hawkweeds
  • British Alpine Hawkweeds
  • Flora of Monmouthshire
  • Flora of Cardiganshire
  • New Flora of the British Isles, ed 3.

Open the corrigenda document

Wild Flower Key corrigenda 

Publications Grants

BSBI makes small grants available towards the publication of County Floras, check-lists and the like, typically £2000. Application forms are available from the Chair of Publications Committee, Mr John Poland, 91, Ethelburt Av., Swaythling, Southampton, SO16 3DF. 

Book Reviews

Both New Journal of Botany and BSBI News publish reviews of botanical books.

Our Book Reviews editor is Dr John Edmondson.

Books for review should be sent to: 57 Walton Road, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 9TA.