Welsh Officer

Dr Polly Spencer-Vellacott is the BSBI's Welsh Officer, providing support to vice-county recorders and other active BSBI members in Wales. This can include support in relation to using computers and MapMate to manage data, or in planning a recording strategy.

Polly can be contacted on 0300 0653 893 or 07967 820305.

Visit Polly's blog or *NEW* scroll down to download her latest newsletter. 

Vice-County Recorder Reports

Glynhir Recording Week 2017

Book here for the Glynhir Recording Week, Carmarthenshire. (VC44) Monday 26th June to Monday 3rd July 2017. 

Welsh Bulletin

For back issues, go to the bottom of this page.

The Bulletin is produced twice a year and contains articles and news items of interest and importance to Wales. Here is a taster of the latest one.

Welsh members of the BSBI automatically receive a copy of the BSBI Welsh Bulletin. Most back issues are still available on request (originals, black and white photocopies or electronic  versions) at £2 per issue, please contact either Sally Whyman or Katherine Slade.

News, articles and accompanying photographs for the Welsh Bulletin are very welcome. The editors are Richard Pryce, Katherine Slade, Sally Whyman.

Records for publication in Welsh Bulletin should be submitted using the form below (Excel format).

Record submission form.  

Welsh Officer's Newsletter

Dryopteris Workshop

Following the success of the recent Dryopteris Workshop with Fred Rumsey, we are delighted to announce that this workshop will be held again in September 2017 - but is already fully booked. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please email Polly

Species Symposium

BSBI was represented at the Species Symposium on 10th September organised by Cofnod (the North Wales Environmental Records Centre) and the Snowdonia National Park Authority). 

Welsh AGM 2016

Every year the Committee for Wales organises a meeting around the Welsh AGM. For more details click here

PDF downloads of Welsh Bulletin