BSBI species accounts

The species accounts available on this page provide information on identification, habitat, biogeography, ecology, threats and suitable management for a range of threatened and nationally rare and scarce species that have experienced declines in recent years in Great Britain and Ireland. Many are listed as species of principal importance under Section 41 (England) or Section 42 (Wales) of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act (2006) or feature in the Scottish Biodiversity List.

The accounts provide a review of the available literature in an easily digestible read that we hope will be of interest to botanists, academics, conservationists and land managers alike. They are freely available to download and use, but we ask that a suitable citation is attached that follows the following format: Walker, K.J. & Stroh, P.A. 2014. Carex ericetorum Pollich. Rare Spring Sedge. Species account. [version and year accessed]. Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.

We would like to acknowledge Natural Resources Wales, Natural England and Scottish Natural Heritage for funding the production of these accounts. If you would like further information, please contact Pete Stroh.

Species accounts available to download.

To download an account, click on a species name listed in the Table below. The documents will be periodically updated, and additional accounts will be added to the page on completion. 

species accounts

Table of Species Accounts

Species name Common name GB status England status Wales status NERC Act 2006
Allium oleraceum Field Garlic VU LC VU  
Alopecurus magellanicus Alpine Foxtail LC NT Not present  
Anacamptis morio Green-winged Orchid NT VU LC  
Antennaria dioica Mountain Everlasting NC VU LC  
Blysmus compressus Flat-sedge VU VU VU S.41 & S.42
Carex elongata Elongated Sedge LC NT EN  
Carex ericetorum Rare Spring-sedge VU VU Not present S. 41
Chamaemelum nobile Chamomile VU VU EN S. 41 & S. 42
Cirsium heterophyllum Melancholy Thistle LC NT EN  
Cirsium tuberosum Tuberous Thistle NT NT VU  
Clinopodium acinos Basil Thyme VU VU VU S. 41 & S. 42
Crepis mollis Northern Hawk’s-beard EN VU RE S. 41
Dianthus armeria Deptford Pink EN EN VU S. 42
Dianthus deltoides Maiden Pink NT VU NT  
Dryas octopetala Mountain Avens LC VU EN  
Epipactis atrorubens Dark-red Helleborine LC LC EN  
Euphrasia pseudokerneri Chalk Eyebright EN VU VU  
Festuca altissima Wood Fescue LC LC LC  
Filago vulgaris Common Cudweed NT NT VU  
Genista tinctoria Dyer’s Greenweed LC VU LC  
Gentiana verna Spring Gentian LC VU Not present  
Gentianella campestris Field Gentian VU EN EN S. 41 & S. 42
Geranium sylvaticum Wood Crane’s-bill LC NT CR  
Gnaphalium sylvaticum Heath Cudweed EN EN CR  
Hammarbya paludosa Bog Orchid LC VU EN S. 42
Helianthemum oelandicum subsp. levigatum Hoary Rock-rose VU VU Not present S. 41
Hypochaeris glabra Smooth Cat’s-ear VU VU LC  
Juncus compressus Round-fruited Rush NT VU EN  
Kobresia simpliciuscula False Sedge LC LC Not present  
Mentha pulegium Pennyroyal EN CR CR S. 41 & S. 42
Meum athamanticum Spignel NT LC VU  
Minuartia hybrida Fine-leaved Sandwort EN EN Not present S. 41
Minuartia stricta Teesdale Sandwort VU EN Not present  
Myosotis alpestris Alpine Forget-me-not NY VU Not present  
Oenanthe fistulosa Tubular Water-dropwort VU VU LC S. 41 & S. 42
Ophrys insectifera Fly Orchid VU VU VU  
Phleum alpinum Alpine Cat’s-tail LC CR Not present  
Polygala amarella Dwarf Milkwort EN EN Not present  
Potentilla argentea Hoary Cinquefoil NT NT VU  
Potentilla crantzii Alpine Cinquefoil LC LC EN  
Potentilla tabernaemontani Spring Cinquefoil LC LC LC  
Pseudorchis albida Small-white Orchid VU VU CR  
Radiola linoides Allseed NT VU LC  
Ribes spicatum Downy Currant LC LC Not present  
Rumex aquaticus Scottish Dock VU Not present Not present  
Saxifraga granulata Meadow Saxifrage LC LC LC  
Saxifraga hirculus Marsh Saxifrage VU LC Not present S. 41
Sibthorpia europaea Cornish Moneywort LC LC LC  
Silene conica Sand Catchfly VU EN VU  
Silene nutans Nottingham Catchfly NT NT NT  
Silene otites Spanish Catchfly EN EN Not present S. 41
Spiranthes spiralis Autumn Lady’s-tresses NT NT LC  
Teesdalia nudicaulis Shepherd’s Cress NT NT LC  
Trollius europaeus Globeflower LC LC LC S. 42
Vicia orobus Wood Bitter-vetch NT VU LC S. 42
Viola lutea Mountain Pansy LC NT LC