Brecknock, v.c. 42

County Recorders

John Crellin and Mike Porter.

John’s Blog

Gallery of Brecknock plants photographed so far. 

Rare Plant Register

You can now download the latest version of the Rare Plant Register.

Brecknock Recording Group

The recording group is flourishing (and always on the lookout for new members) – highlights of the 2015 season included finding:

  • Plantago coronopus which has has finally made it into the county – being listed in all surrounding VCs in the Vice County Census Catalogue. It was spotted in a lay-by on a forest road in the Sennybridge Training area.
  • Erophila glabrescens turned up where the botany group often meet to share cars in Brecon, suggesting it might be in other places we don’t park so often. This is the first record since 1972 when it was collected by Mike Porter in a different part of the county and determined later from a herbarium specimen by Tim Rich.
  • Daboecia cantabrica was spotted near a roundabout in Brynmawr by Barry Stewart and John went to the site in the autumn to catch it in flower. Brynmawr is outside the boundary of the modern Brecknock division of Powys but does lie within the Vice-county boundary.
  • Viola lutea did not make it into the County RPR but it is good to report that we saw much more of it than we have been used to in recent years – thanks to spending some time in 2015 on MOD-managed land.

We are also pleased to report an increase in records submitted by members exploring the area individually. It’s a great way to get a break from your usual area in wonderful scenery!

Contact John Crellin, 18 De Breos Court, Hay on Wye, HR3 5DL 

Welsh AGM

The Welsh AGM was held in Brecknock from 12th - 15th July this year.