Ornithogalum umbellatum subsp. umbellatum L.

taxon hierarchySpermatopsida > Asparagales > Asparagaceae > subfam. Scilloideae > Ornithogaleae > Ornithogalum L. “Star-of-Bethlehems” > Ornithogalum umbellatum s.l. “Star-of-Bethlehem (sens. lat.)” > Ornithogalum umbellatum L. “Garden Star-of-Bethlehem”
attributesAtlas Status: Native (N)
BSBI Taxon Status: P
rjg_rowid: 6362
rjg_nametype: P
tagsAtlas2020: exclude
national statusalien

Distribution map

Changes since Atlas2000

The map compares the distribution from the 2000 Atlas with the distribution estimated from data compiled since 2000. Validation and assignment of status to new hectad squares is ongoing, so many of the new data may appear as 'unknown status'.