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Please enter your name, as you would like it to appear on the report. If your county has joint recorders then please include everyone.

Please include a brief outline of your activities in 2022 in no more than 250 words. Reports will be published online and in print. We'd be particularly interested to read about any projects and fieldwork you undertook by yourself or with local groups; any initiatives, such as talks, campaigns or collaborations; and any progress with rare plant registers, checklists or Floras. Include links for any recordings, publications or webpages mentioned in your report. Separately, you can list your 'interesting finds' alongside any photos using the section below. Please use Scientific (Common Name) format and check that spelling of both Scientific & Common names follow Stace edition 4.

If you wish you can add a single photo to accompany your report. Additional images can be included as part of the 'Interesting Finds' section, below.

Optional but Recommended: Use this section to highlight some of your most interesting botanical finds. You can include brief text (in addition to the above 250 word limit) and photos. Click 'add a botanical find' to get started. Please add a new section for each separate find. You can delete entries by hovering over them and clicking the '-' button. Remember to use Scientific (Common Name) format and check the spelling of both Scientific & Common names in Stace.


Please use Scientific name (Common Name) format and double check spellings in Stace 4 - or Stace 3, if edition 4 not available.

By uploading photos you agree to grant BSBI a license to use the images on our website, publications and for promotional and educational purposes.

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Please consider anything that you find challenging in your role as VCR. Previously, recorders have mentioned problems due to a lack of other local botanists; difficulty with computer software or data entry; difficulty recording in rough terrain etc. (We won't publish this either.)

(this will be treated as confidential and will not be published) Please include your email address, to help us contact you easily if we have any queries about your report or feedback.