Meetings Diary

Full details of these meetings are on the BSBI Meetings, the country, vice-county or local group webpage as appropriate. If your meeting is not listed here and you would like it to be included, please send the details to Jonathan Shanklin, Hon. Field Meetings Secretary.

Abbreviations: Type: G=General, R=Recording, S=Specialist, T=Training.

Web page: BBS = British Bryological Society, BPS = British Pteridological Society Scottish Group, BSS = Botanical Society of Scotland, NPMS = National Plant Monitoring Scheme, PLS = Plantlife Scotland, VC = Vice-County.

Date Location / Subject v.c. Type Organiser
September 1 Royston 29 GR VC
September 8 SJ14R 50 R VC
September 8 Crowden 58 GR VC
September 15 SH95N 50 R VC
September 21 Irish AGM Ireland G Country
September 21 Cherry Hinton / Cotoneasters / Full 29 GS VC/BSBI
September 21 Buckley 51 GR VC
September 26 Parc 48 R VC
October 24 TBA 48 R VC
November 2 Scottish Botanists’ Conference RBGE G Country
November 23 Annual Exhibition Meeting & AGM, NHM, London 21 G BSBI
November 28 TBA 48 R VC
December 12 Social at Cefn Prys 48 G VC
January 1 New Year walk, Coton Countryside Reserve 29 GR Local
Spring Recorders Conference TBC S BSBI
Spring/Summer ASM Scotland GR BSBI
November AEM & AGM, CEH, Wallingford (TBC) 23 G BSBI
May 21 – 28 ASM, Guernsey 113 G BSBI