Taraxacum training and recording workshop, Portpatrick

Wigtownshire 6th – 9th May 2022
training specialised
led by
John Richards, Caspian Richards

This is the eighth long weekend dedicated to the genus Taraxacum (Dandelions), and the first in south-west Scotland. It was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 because of Covid, and is the first to be held since the publication of the Field Handbook to British and Irish Dandelions which will be trialled in the field. Compared to most of Scotland, Wigtownshire is poorly studied for Taraxacum and recent work elsewhere in the far west suggests that interesting discoveries may await. Recent visits out of season suggest that good Erythrosperma and Obliqua species occur above strand-lines, while rich submontane habitats inland may harbour Naevosa and Celtica. It will be interesting to see if Irish specialities occur. Portpatrick has a range of places to eat and stay, but is popular at weekends. Stranraer, Lochans and Sandhead offer alternatives within 15 minutes by car. We will hire a room in a local hall as a centre and for evening studies so there will be a levy of £20 to pay for facilities. Caspian, who has a good knowledge of the area, will act as local agent and field guide.