Sedges at Roudsea Wood & Mosses NNR

Westmorland 8th June 2019
led by
Mike Porter

Roudsea Wood & Mosses is a complex area comprising four main habitats: coastal saltmarsh, acid woodland, limestone woodland and lowland raised mire. It is a rich and fascinating site and we will be visiting all the habitats listed.

Among the sedges we expect to see are Carex acutiformisC. x boenninghausiana (Cpaniculata × C. remota), C. digitataC. elongataC. flava (and its hybrid with C. demissa), C. elongataC. laevigataC. pallescensC. paniculataC. pseudocyperusC. remotaC. vesicaria and, on the saltmarsh, C. distansC. extensa and C. otrubae. Many other interesting plants occur on the reserve, including Dryopteris carthusiana (Narrow Buckler-fern), Ophioglossum vulgatum (Adder’s-tongue), Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern), Sorbus lancastriensis (Lancastrian Whitebeam) and Thelypteris palustris (Marsh Fern).

Numbers are limited to 15 to minimise damage to fragile habitats.  All sedge enthusiasts are welcome, whether experienced or not. Meet at 10.30 am at the parking place at SD329826 reached by following the minor road west immediately south of the bridge over the R. Leven south of Haverthwaite. There is limited parking so please share transport wherever possible.

This will be a full day outing so please bring packed lunch. The distance to be covered will not be great – five kilometres at the most but the going may be rough and very wet in places. Wellies or waterproof boots are essential. To book a place or request more details contact Mike Porter, preferably by email,; landline 016973 43086, mobile 07803 349 861.