Galmoy Fen and the Loughans Turlough

Co. Kilkenny 27th May 2023
led by
Roger Goodwillie

Galmoy Fen is a cutaway bog now covered with a floating mat of sedges – Cladium mariscus (Great Fen-sedge), Schoenus nigricans (Black Bog-rush) and Carex diandra (Lesser Tussock-sedge). It has a multitude of other species, some of them unexpected like Carex dioica (Dioecious Sedge), Antennaria dioica (Mountain Everlasting) and Plantago media (Hoary Plantain). Every visit brings a new surprise. We will follow a morning at the fen by a visit to the Loughans turlough which has not had a good recording session since 1991. Viola canina (Heath Dog-violet), Ophioglossum vulgatum (Adder's-tongue) and Rorippa islandica (Northern Yellow-cress) have old records here.

Meet: Galmoy village (Grid ref. S292714) at 10:30 am.