Deep Dale Plantlife Nature Reserve, Sheldon

Derbyshire 24th June 2023
recording general
led by
Andrew Kearsey (Nature Reserves Manager for Plantlife), Elizabeth Cooke

Deep Dale nature reserve comprises a range of vegetation types, most notably calcareous grassland along the steep north-west facing bank along the side of the dale. Historical lead mining has given rise to small areas of calaminarian grassland. The reserve also contains Hazel dominated woodland, several areas of Hawthorn scrub, the location of a Romano-British village and some areas of more neutral grasslands. Species of note likely to be found during the visit include: Epipactis atrorubens (Dark-red Helleborine), Rubus saxatilis (Stone Bramble), Galium sterneri (Limestone Bedstraw), Sabulina [Minuartia] verna (Spring Sandwort), Viola lutea (Mountain Pansy), Saxifraga hypnoides (Mossy Saxifrage) and Saxifraga granulata (Meadow Saxifrage).

Access to the reserve from the public car park is along roughly 400 m of footpath which is rocky in places and features one stile within the reserve boundary wall. The reserve is open access so it can be explored at will. There is a pay and display car park, that is cars/motorcycles only and a day ticket is currently £4.75. There are toilets available. All standards of botanists welcome, including beginners. Numbers may be limited.