Back Strand, Tramore

Co. Waterford 10th September 2022
led by
Paul Green

The aim of the meeting is to learn how to identify the two species of Eelgrass Zostera marina (Eelgrass) and Zostera noltei (Dwarf Eelgrass). They both grow on the mudflats, and in places in mixed populations. We will also look at Salicornia (Glassworts) and other saltmarsh plants, and explore the drain behind the seawall to look at Ruppia maritima (Beaked Tasselweed). We will also see Inula crithmoides (Golden-samphire) which grows in the saltmarsh, as well as on the seawall.

This site has been chosen as the mud is firm here, and there is no worry of getting stuck in the mud, plus the Eelgrass grows very close to the shore. Joining details will be sent to you once you have booked.