BSBI library

Our library is hosted for us at Manchester Metropolitan University‘s premises in Shrewsbury.

Most of our books and journals come from donations, and we can guarantee to take responsible care of anything that we receive. Duplicates and surplus material are found a good home at Field Centres around the country. We also digitise our own publications and books that are out of copyright, copies of which are held in the library.

If you are interested in donating to the library, please contact Sarah Whild.

We are grateful to the following for contributions:

Mike Atkinson, Ian Bennallick, Chris Boon, Michael Braithwaite, Mary Briggs, Karl Crowther, Trevor Dines, Bob Ellis, Gwynn Ellis, Jean Green, Simon Leach, Audrey Locksley, Ian McNeill, Roy Maycock, Richard Middleton, Richard Pankhurst, James Partridge, Sharon Pilkington, Mike Poulton, Richard Pryce, Paul Reade, Clive Stace, Wiltshire Botanical Society, Goronwy Wynne, Brian & Barbara Ballinger, The University of Hull, William Peter Wheldon and to the estates of Alan Underhill, Alice Lambert, John Lavender, John Ounsted, Melody Ryle and Max Walters.