Botanical University Challenge

YOUR STARTER FOR TEN: What is Botanical University Challenge?

It is a botanical quiz competition based on the popular TV format, but entirely focused on plant-based questions.

The 4th Botanical University Challenge will be held online and organised by John Warren & Jonathan Mitchley of the Training and Education Committee of BSBI and chaired by Colin Clubbe (RBG Kew) on 17th February 2021

FINGERS ON BUZZERS! How does it work?

Rounds will include UK and world flora and ecology, botanical terminology, food plants, plants in world cultures – and will include picture rounds and - new for 2021 - botanical games and charades!

YOUR BONUS FOR FIVE: How do I get involved?

INVOLVEMENT IS FREE AND ALL ARE WELCOME to enter a team of four students, or join our audience or to contribute questions contact us via:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Here is the information for participating teams.

Here is the registration form.

BUC2020 was hosted by University of Liverpool at Ness Gardens, chaired by Professor Alan McCarthy (image below)