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Bedfordshire Flora Group

The Beds Flora Group was formed to collect records for Chris Boon’s excellent Flora of Bedfordshire, published in 2011. In recent years we have botanised for the BSBI Atlas 2000 project.

Our small group consists of plant enthusiasts of varying age and experience. We have no professional botanists in our ranks, being largely self-taught, but some of us can lay claim to a good few years of experience. We have recently welcomed some young ecologists.

Our aims in 2020 include trying to enthuse young botanists, enjoy our county’s plants and also to record the status of some of the rarer species. Informal outdoor meetings are held during the season, visiting sites of special botanical interest. Occasional indoor winter meetings are also organised. No previous experience is necessary.

Field Meetings 2020

Coming soon: the Field Meetings Programme for 2020.

All are welcome to attend any of our meetings (there is no charge) but please consult the BSBI Code of Conduct, the BSBI Code for Field Safety and BSBI Guidance for Participants at Field Meetings beforehand.

County Recorders

The County Recorders are John Wakely and Chris Boon

John's email:

John would be delighted to hear of any interesting or unusual plants. He will endeavour to answer any identification questions – if he doesn’t know he will consult an expert.


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