BSBI Photographic Competition

BSBI Photographic Competition 2017

The 2017 BSBI Photographic Competition has two categories again: 1) Plants in the Landscape and 2) Archaeophytes - i.e. higher plant species that were introduced to Britain before 1500.  A list of archaeophytes found in the UK can be found here.

Photographs should be taken in Britain or Ireland and the ‘Plants in the Landscape’ should be of flowering plants, conifers, ferns, horsetails, club-mosses or stoneworts. But they don’t have to be taken during 2017 and you don’t have to enter both categories.  However there is a limit of two images per category per entrant.

  1. Send your entries to Natalie Harmsworth by 20th Oct 2017.
  2. Please send entries in electronic format only using the largest possible files sizes – but note that files over 10MB should be sent via Dropbox and not by email.
  3. Please title photographs carefully using the following format: Common name (scientific name); location; photographer's name; and competition category (PL or A), e.g. “Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), Strathmore, Angus by John Smith_A.jpg
  4. Copyright of images will remain with the photographer.
  5. However the BSBI claims the right to exhibit the entries, and to use them to further its aims generally and to promote the BSBI and its photography competition. This includes publishing them on the BSBI website or social media. All published photographs will be credited.
  6. The BSBI also claims the right to edit or use images in combination with others.

BSBI Photographic Competition 2016

In total, 112 entries were submitted to the BSBI Photographic Competition, in the two 2016 categories: 1) Rare species and 2) Common species. You can view the entries here on the BSBI's new Flickr album.

The winner of the ‘Rare Species’ category was Norwegian Mugwort (Artemisia norvegica) on Cul Mor by Simon Harrap.

The winner of the ‘Common Species’ category was Tall Bog Sedge (Carex magellanica) in Mid-Perthshire by Bill Boyd.

The two winning images were chosen by a popular vote at the Scottish Annual Meeting in Perth in November and the winners each received a BSBI Summerfield Books token.

Congratulations to Simon and Bill for their splendid photographs!

BSBI Scottish Officer Jim McIntosh says: Remember, you have to be in it to win it!